Storage hints

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Having a stress free removal and storage is what Godwins Man and Van Removals intend for your move. As a professional removal and storage company, can also assist you with removal and packaging materials like – plastic storage boxes, selotapes, cartons, bubble wraps blankets etc.

Listed here are specialist tips about the best way to pack up your belongings.

Utilize the proper containers

Utilize the more compact packing containers for large objects including textbooks plus bowls; the massive packing containers for lightweight objects such as bedsheets, quilts and also sheets.

Usually do not over pack

Stuffed cartons must never weigh more than you’ll be able to normally carry. Be sure cardboard boxes is always “square” rather than protruding in the sides and top as a way to retain them steady while arranging them.


Have a strong black pen to mark the valuables in each and every pack. You usually do not need to be wondering in the future with each and every package open and scattered across the ground.

This sides upwards

Properly indicate the stacking direction of cardboard boxes that needs to be stashed a specific form – specifically things such as glass wares, pictures frame and table lamps that will actually very easily be damaged.

It’s not garbage

Unless you employ trash sacks for putting items, Plastic-type sacks end up getting squished, dinged, damaged, and even worse, filled with mildew and mold from not enough air-flow. Utilize cartons and appropriate packing components for skilled final results.

Duct tape counts

Excellent high-quality packing and shipping duct tape is important. You can recognize you bought yours from Access storage when it will stay stuck.

Let it be hanged

You usually do not preserve your clothing within a stack at your house, so why stack them in the box here? Utilize hanging wardrobe cartons. They may be also excellent for window curtains along with other cloth that will need some Loving care and also room to breathe.

Think small to medium sized

Several stored goods could be packaged small-scale, specifically bed. Wrap up bed frames collectively by using a only a few rounds of duct tape (utilize the none sticky end with no duct tape remains); insert any nuts in small elastic bag and strap to bed frame.

Do not also forget to neatly add wrapped up fragile items in cardboard boxes flat pack with lots of papers to cushion against any hard impact when relocating the items.

Relocation Steps designed for when you intend moving your personal effects

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Man and van London

Make certain you have booked your relocation specialist completely upfront to make sure that the man with a van removal service can be out there towards the preferred day.

Begin your packing arrangement considerably quicker than you feel you require : it’s unbelievable just how much time it requires to package items in addition , you must make sure the removal firm may not be loitering around so that you can conclude placing your belongings into plastic storage boxes. After all, you’ll end up having to pay for these people to stand about.

Keep your removal company up-to-date as regularly as possible for the date, in-case of any adjusts on actual date which you have previously selected for your relocation. Apparently, the longer you leave the removal company uninformed, the lesser time you enable them to respond eleventh hour in relation to any concerns that can emerge. And, should you cease the removals, you might incur a complete days pay in order to cover their salary, effort forfeited along with losing similar jobs.

For those who are moving many personal belongings, ensure your moving firm comes to visit your house for just a viewing, (don’t merely rely on e-mail or just telephone interaction).

Speak to the moving firm or popularly know as “men in a van” about how you must put together your valuable. As an example, will they wish to arrange bedroom furniture, for instance wardrobes, bunk beds, couch, cupboards inside the removal truck very first? If that’s the case, ensure that the bigger items are closer toward the entrance but not obstructed in by boxes saves a lot of time and energy.

Most removal organizations run normal hours. So ensure that to inquire about what takes place in the event you go more than these working hours. Will it incur additional penalty charges?
Check out your building and content cover before you acquire further policy: a few currently cover policy holders for relocating.

Consider boxing your belongings properly ahead of time (for those who do not use a vehicle, you’ll will have to arrange car parking permit). Please do not forget- this would apply towards the house you may be relocating from and also the new property that you’re relocating to.

Telling the next door neighbours that the removal truck will likely be parked out side your home can certainly be a superb thought. Consider access, do you want to take down bigger items to get it through entry doors or down stairs?
Try not to fill up packing boxes- doing this can cause it too weighty to carry (in addition, they could break). Textbooks could be major primary cause in terms of weight? Arrange items inside smaller sized boxes alternatively.

Lighter filling boxes also can often be a concern, as they may crumble when placed below bigger objects. Attempt to achieve a really good balance (to find extra information have a look at our Relocation guide, and tag every breakable cardboard boxes correctly for the removal crew be aware of the content).

When loading the removal van in the inner town places, make sure that there’s an individual in the van in order to keep a close look on the items. It’s unbelievable how stressful it can take to move boxes out toward the moving van, and an unwatched partially packed van can be inviting to opportunistic criminals.

Even the very best set out preparations can go wrong, along with the removal company using the best motives could have concerns, so it is primarily an excellent strategy to have a backup plan of action up your sleeve.

Find out whether the staff in the moving crew would definitely be helping with the moving and putting things in (does the staff count on you to carry containers into the removal van also or would you continue with final moment boxing)? In the event you hire a man and van company, they could come with an expectation that you should load also, except if they get someone to help you.

Ask whether or not the moving company or “man with a van” have blanket to secure pieces of furniture not scratching throughout transportation.

In case you are relocating your items to a very long way, what occurs with the removal truck over-night? Will it be kept within a secure location? Verify with the removal company and ensure you have got insurance policy coverage to cover any damages.

Ensure that you’ve got usage of a kettle to make very hot drinks (up until final sweep), water in bottles plus some snacks to make you and your moving staff replenished with water and energized.
The moment the vehicle is totally loaded, walk around the house to be certain that all things have been moved and absolutely nothing is ignored.

Calculate and anticipate Issues on traveling time which means you don’t pay out so much for the removal company – man and van Lewisham¬†on hourly basis.

Tips for Selecting the Right Van Removal Team

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Moving homes often involve endless stress and 9 out of 10 home owners do admit how stressful it can be. But hiring the right removal company (Man with a van) to do the job can help alleviate the hassle of moving – especially if they are members of a recognized body like the British Association of Removals (BAR).

removal company image

Potential risk of not hiring a BAR accredited removal firm

Choosing a removal firm that has committed to the BAR membership is a good starting point because it shows they are willing to be held up to a minimum standard and accountable for the service they provide.

Using a licensed and insured vehicle, becoming member of a recognized arbitration or reconciliation in the event of future disputes with clients, legal and deposit protection are some basic requirements that the British Association of Removals expect their members to have. For the protection of both clients and removal companies.

Some removal companies do offer great deals on cardboard flat pack boxes to enhance your removals. Big storage companies like the Big Yellow Storage do charge a fortune for packing boxes. So haggle.